Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hampton Beach, NH

It was time to go to the ocean.
It was time to: (no, I didn't write this in the sand, we came upon it during a walk)
After a three hour road trip with Miss Adrienne as chauffeur, we relaxed in the sun before devouring our picnic lunch. 

The shoulder seasons are great for exploring touristy places...without so many of the cheesy touristy attractions going on. 

Just the beach, the ocean, multiple walks, long talks, long silences...

The blue sky and intense sun slowly turned the air cool as the blanket of clouds crawled into position. 
And still, we relaxed. 
Hampton Beach, we'll see you soon. Thank you Adrienne for making this happen.

Monday, September 6, 2010


In order to see one, you must be able to see the other. 

Many of us can't see the forest for the trees. And many of us forget that each tree is different, full of mystery. Each one has a story of its just have to remember to listen in order to hear it, to ask to hear it, to be able to hear it. 

It's up to us to remember to see both priceless, one of a kind, and powerful perspectives.  
In my experience, getting stuck in one, leads to frustration, unhappiness and teeters on craziness. 
Let's all help each other to see both the bristly needles on a tree, as well as dancing horizons full of clouds and mountains, water and trees. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

One of the various reasons I love Burlington, VT:

One minute it is raining, another, it's so gorgeous out I have to remember to watch where I'm going as my gaze is fixated on the galloping clouds above. 

Outdoor seating with a view like this: 

Come and visit if you haven't!