Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teeny, Tiny Espresso Party

Espresso cups are small to begin with. This Bone China tea set was even smaller. But, as we pulled the crisp espresso maker from the box, we knew the decadent tea set would work perfectly.
We were not only about to have some of the best espresso around, we were about to drink it in the smallest slurps possible.
True, true. If we were truly espresso snobs, we would not have dolloped the tops with frothy milk, for now it is actually a macchiato. The point was not the name of the drink, it was the fun we had holding it with whichever finger would fit in the tiny handle and sipping. And although we made enough for four cups of espresso altogether, we got to have four cups each instead! 
I suppose we need to back-up a little and make sure that you know where these gems originated. They came from my Nana. My mom's mom. She was a classy, decadent woman. And, well, they have stayed in the family as prized possessions. From tea parties with stuffed animals and grandchildren, to Green Tea Ceremonies, to display pieces, to espresso clinking, this tea set has seen it all. 
Cheers to my mother and as she hurriedly insisted we use the tea set to drink espresso!
Cheers to my step-father for trusting me to experiment with his brand new espresso machine and frother.
And cheers to my partner who reminded me to laugh at these precious moments rather than over think how bizarre they are!

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