Thursday, December 9, 2010


This week we're going to do a little Do It Yourself. Today is the day for a shot of home-made eggnog.
Step 1: Go to the store and buy some eggnog...lactose free eggnog. If you have tried to make lactose free eggnog at home, it's quite an unpleasant tasting experience. 
Step 2: Find a cute, little shot glass. 
Step 3: Pour the eggnog in the cute, little shot glass to the top. 
Step 4: Sprinkle with nutmeg. 
Step 5: Sip with extreme enjoyment
Enjoy! Hee, hee. There you have it! Making a shot of eggnog at home!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, this is super appealing to me. Especially the part where you don't have to actually make the eggnog. Well done.