Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ice Hotel~Hotel de Glace: Part 1

The Ice Hotel is located approximately 10 minutes outside of Quebec City, Canada. 
Built in three stages from January to February, this winter phenomenon combines blown snow, carved ice, and artistic touch.  
We ventured to the North to celebrate all things winter. 
Because there were so many ah-inspiring images, let's start with The Chapel, which is a separate building designed especially for civil unions in the snow.  

The ice benches were covered with animal fur and the carved columns had a theme of growth of the four seasons on either side of the chapel. The carving closest to the door was a carving from seed, next to sampling, then to new leaves, and finally to a fully grown tree. The growth of a union? The circle creating the stability and nourishment to grow? Oh, how I love symbolism! 

The front of the chapel was a masterpiece. Every inch of snow and ice were captivating, especially the ice "stained glass." 

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  1. Those are some beautiful ice carvings, Miriam. Isn't it awe inspiring, though ;)?