Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coffee, Oh My!

I have a love-hate relationship with Coffee. I write it with a capital "C" because I respect it immensely. While in Yucatan, we eagerly awaited the thick, delicious Mexican delight...knowing deep down that there was a very good possibility we would get instant. Most specially Nescafe.
You have understand that I had just been clean off coffee for the last three months. It was mandated by my doctor after having dizzy spells and numbness and...and...I'm one of those people with quite active metabolisms that don't mix well with Coffee. But when I'm tired and the smell lingers into my nostrils  there are many times that I can't resist the intriguing bean.
Truth - my favorite coffee to date locally is Vermont Coffee Company Dark Roast. Huge shout out to them!
But back to our Mexico adventures...or lack-there-of.
Our first two days we spend at Hotel Oka'an (more to come later). The first day's coffee was watery and bland. I would have preferred to instant coffee. The second day it was slightly stronger, but still quite watery. To me a truly good cup of coffee doesn't need cream or sugar. The coffee at Hotel Oka'an needed both...
And then, at last, we found some of the most delicious coffee I have ever experienced in my life at Hotel Romantico Santo Domingo. 
Thank you Harald!!! You made our vacation in many ways!

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