Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Where Art Thou?

It is only natural that I write about snow. Longing for snow. Skiing. The lack of snow in this icy city of Burlington is depressing. Yes, it is a city. In fact, it's the largest northern most metropolitan area in New England. Oh, little Burlington, how I love thee!

Not long ago, actually about two weeks ago, Burlington got dumped on. We got more snow even than St. Johnsbury. Over 32 inches fell in less than 48 hours. We all rejoiced. For those folks similar to me who love living in the "big" city of Burlington for convenience, environmental kindness, and need for social interactions, I strapped on my cross country skis and slid along the streets saying hi to neighbors shoveling their drives or cleaning off their cars.

Now, with the temp about 5 degrees in the few days remaining of January, and a snow squall yesterday that dropped only a half inch, I am reminiscing at those snowy days of yester-week. I'd love to know what your favorite places are to ski around town...

These shots are from Oakledge Park.

Please note the ample amounts of fresh powder and sun. It was the first sunny day in about three weeks.

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  1. Summer on the outer banks, Winter in Vermont. It may be the higher calling of humanity. Or at least my humanity. We actually got a little dusting of snow this weekend. Four inches or so on Friday night, almost completely melted by Saturday night, and about one inch on Saturday night.

    Apart from a pleasant walk in the snowy woods this afternoon, this weekend's weather has brought all other beach activities to a hault. It was nice to have a weekend off to get a little writing done, and relax.