Monday, February 1, 2010

Kep, Cambodia

Before I went, I was unclear as well. Where, exactly is Cambodia? Yes, we've all heard and know about Thailand, but what about Cambodia?
Southeast Asia region map, with both mainland and maritime Southeast Asia shown.
Southeast Asia-it's between Thailand and Vietnam. It's light pink on the map above. The food is similar to Thai, but less spicy. The country is beautiful, but unfortunately, it is still plagued with the aftermath of the Vietnam war and the regrowth/rebirth/rebuilding after the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge, which tortured and murdered 2/3 of the entire Cambodian population got defeated only 31 years ago. It is fighting to survive. And it is learning again, to live.

On the southern border of Cambodia, only 30 minutes or so from the Vietnamese border, (along the Gulf of Thailand), slumbers a small gem: Kep. Before the Khmer Rouge, Kep was part of the huate cuture of France. People had second beach homes in Kep. Europeans took "holiday" in Kep. You can still wader around the hillsides and stumble upon remains from magnificent homes depicting French architecture.

Now, locals come to vacation, to swing in hammocks with the ocean lapping against the rocks, to eat the freshest crab around. Hands down, the best place to stay is the Veranda Natural Resort. If you are looking for a small, relaxed town, Kep is the place to be. Check out photos of Kep and the Veranda on tomorrow's post!

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