Monday, February 8, 2010

Coba Dreams, Yucatan

We are momentarily going to jump to another continent to check out Coba, Mexico. I'll be returning to my adventures in Cambodia and Thailand, but my photos are being problematic at the moment!

Coba is a mysterious place with crocodiles, some of the only surface water on the entire Yucatan Peninsula, and bird watching that draws people from around the world. Oh yes, there is also a ruin that is spread out with one of the tallest temples around.

Sunrise over one of the lakes in Coba. A quiet morning is impossible, as birds singing create a loud but soothing music

Nohoch Mul, is the largest pyramid at Coba, and one of the largest on the peninsula (many say it is the largest). It is 140 feet high and has a breath-taking panoramic view at the top.

With all the 2012 craze, Coba is also famous for the stelae that refers to a date billions of years into the future. The alter stone in front of the stelae illustrates the significance of the stone.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to even see the glyphs, let alone trust that they were interpreted correctly, as "unlocking" the key to reading Maya glyphs is still not completely understood.

I'll take you to where we stayed in Coba tomorrow, along with three Maya nightmares in a row, followed by a black hair found in a head full of blond hair, and a panic attack 140 feet off the ground.

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