Friday, February 12, 2010

The Flying Umbrella

Dream #2:

The little Maya girl with long, thick, black hair and the face of a middle aged woman knocked on my door. As I opened the solid, wooden door, the little Maya girl threw a red umbrella with a sharpened point through the crack in the door. It whizzed past my face, brushing my cheek and stuck into the chest of a man standing behind me.

"That was for you," she sneered as a smile crossed her face and insanity danced in her black eyes.

Before I knew it, the little girls fists and legs were kicking at me through the eight inch opening of the door. We struggled as I tried to slam the dense, coffee-colored panel in her face, but the strength of her little arms and little legs was unbelievable. Throught the entire struggle, her eyes remained umoving, focused on the umbrella sticking up out of the dead man laying on the floor. Blood began to pool underneath the man, soaking his white t-shirt to a wet crimson.

Distraction crossed my face and the little Maya girl reached up and took a chunk of my blond hair in her hand and yanked down. Pain shot out of my scalp and with a jolt, I woke up, my head aching.

Again, I heard a tapping coming from the door of the bedroom and a shuffling sound as if there was a little girl or animal or ghost in the closet near the door. And again, I curled up, remained totally still and tense, watching the darkness turn to light under my covers. I felt like I was seven years old again.

Sunrise Over Lake In Front Of Villas Archeologica, Coba

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