Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Flying

It was perhaps our last snow of the winter. And only our second all season. It was heavy, wet, thick clumps of delicious flakes. Racing home after a day at the office, I took out to the streets, which transformed into an endless playground for flying on my skis, catching snow-flakes on my tongue and building snow people, forts and throwing a quick dozen snow balls. It was a night to remember, topped off with shoveling the drive and a spa-like winter facial right on our outside grill!! It's amazing how a dump of snow will turn your own familiar neighborhood into a whole new world to explore.

Skiing on the streets outside our house in Burlington. 
A fly by on way to Flynn Avenue. The setting of the sun doesn't effect us, as everything is white, tinged every so often by the yellow hue of street lights.

Watching the snow fall at a cross-roads-fish eye style.

Off-roading. Yes, my skis are under there somewhere.

Taking a breather after a sprint in the deep snow...actually I think I fell!

Dave head first for a winter facial. Exhilerating, painful, fun and slightly insane. Who knew our grill had so many uses?

Click on the photo for a "closer" look.
Thank you to my partner and talented professional photographer David Seaver. Check out his webite: or his blog:

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