Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swaying in Hammocks as Dinner Crawls from the Ocean

These are not the infected full-moon beaches of Thailand's Islands. Kep is slow, peaceful and quiet. It's off the beaten path with few tourists and a hot spot for vacationing locals on the weekends. You can sway in a hammock, eat fresh crab caught and cooked minutes before, or hike in the lush hills overlooking the ocean.

A statue of a woman along the Kep beach had her breasts covered during a festival while we were in town. The entire rest of the year she is bare to the world. Hmmm....interesting!

Oh so delicious! Dipped in fresh lemon and world famous Kampot pepper (that grows in the hills around the corner from Kep).

After a long days work, crabbing boats sway ancored by lines to the beach at dusk.

Let's get back to Kampot pepper. It's like nothing I've ever tasted before. Until I had Kampot pepper, I despised pepper. Now, I can't get enough. Check out tomorrow's blog for a close look at Kampot pepper.  

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