Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nightmares Come True

We headed to the pyramid of Nohoch Mul at Coba immediately after breakfast. Even though it was 8:30am, it was hot, dry and still. Earlier on the trip we met a man that had fallen down the 140 foot ruin, leaving him with a trip to the hospital and broken bones. My mother was weary before we even started climbing. 

I breezed to the top as my mother inched her way up one stone at a time. With a short pause at the top, I began my decent. A quarter of the way down, I sat with my mom, who was having a momentary panic attack. Really. Not being melodramatic here. I held her hand and had to coax her to give me her heavy black, backpack containing her camera equipment. I stood up and as I was about to take a step my mom took my ankle in her hand and said "be careful, honey." 

Without a second thought, I jaunted down the old, uneven pyramid and once on the ground, became a cheerleader for my mother, who was scooting stone by stone on her butt. I had never seen her so nervous. So freaked out. So shaky. When she finally got to the bottom, had a few moments to catch her breath and down some water, she looked at me straight in the eyes and whispered, "Miriam, I had to hold myself back from holding onto your ankle up there. There was some strange urge to make you tumble down that pyramid." 

What the F-bomb! Wow! Ok! We sat in the shade as I told her my dream from the night before of the little Maya girl with an middle-aged woman's face and how she had pushed me down this pyramid. How I hadn't slept. How I felt delirious. And how, even though I had never seen the pyramid before, it was exactly what was in my dream. Something strange was happening. 

The rest of the day was taken in stride. We meandered on the white, stone sacbe's from one ancient building to another. From one deteriorating ball court to another. We both felt as though we had already survived the toughest part of the day and the rest was just details. Details of nightmares and dreamscapes in a foreign land with another mysterious night quickly approaching. 

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