Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jaibalito Aid Relief

As is the reality of my life, I was up early, very early, like any other morning. It appeared to be a normal, quiet morning in the tiny lake town of Santa Cruz la Laguna...until the boats started arriving. One after another came filled with food, beds, wood, blankets and any other major commodity that fits into the category of "aid relief." Locals came together to unload from boats to trucks, to town. Jaibalito was to call the municipality buildings of Santa Cruz their temporary new homes.

Soldiers kept order, police kept peace, both helped with the "forced" evacuation that started the night before around 1am...moving people in the night to their "new" homes in the neighboring town. Why the middle of the night? Why not? Agatha hit Jaibalito hard, and a week after the storm, landslides where still occurring. Perhaps word that deemed the town unsafe didn't get to the correct channels until the middle of the night???

Camera and film crews infested the docks to document the national aid relief...along with the appearance of the first lady of Guatemala. It was quite a scene in such a little town. Men worked all day loading, unloading, carrying, laughing...and ultimately many of them got to drink a beer at La Iguana Perdida purchased by...the mayor, I believe? Here are some shots of the morning's events.

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