Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Los Ultimos Dias - The Last Days

It came so quickly and didn't come fast enough. That's how it always is. In our last days in Guatemala we have called Hotel Jacaranda home. It's been perfect. Lovely. Fun.
Four blocks North and three blocks South of Plaza Central, Jacaranda is located out of the tourist center of downtown, but still easily within walking distance. Around the corner from the local market/tourist market/bus station/year-round-carnival, I LOVE the location.
The ho(s)tel has a pub-like restaurant out front where reception is located. Also a tourist agency (as most hotels have), World Cup constantly on the "tele" and super sweet staff. Walking through the pub, you pass a sitting area on the right.
Opening up to another lounge "tele" watching area in the left part of the above photo, the rest of the room opens to an eating area with brightly adorned table tops. This is where we eat breakfast, which is included in the $6.00 a night cost (although since we stayed for five days we got a special rate of $5 a day)
Throughout the entire place, bright murals color the walls, giving an artistic flare to the super clean, wide-open-spaces.
Supposedly breakfast changes every day. After five days here it actually seems to alternate between fruit/yogurt/toast morning to pancake/fruit bowl. Works for me. And talk about presentation! On a different food note: A lot of hotels don't let you bring food in from outside locations. Jacaranda is completely open to it. Por ejemplo: yesterday we went super cheap for dinner and picked up a combo dinner of fried chicken, french fries and salad, then bought a bottle of wine. When the head woman saw us eating, she brought us plates and napkins. I think they think we're cute, and funny. Gringas buying wine and eating cheap dinners! Glad we can keep everyone on their toes.
Although we are in the "dorms" we have never had other people in our room with us. Partly because it is the slow season, partly because they have other "dorm rooms" and they know people would rather have their own space. The beds are a little stiff, but hey, usually they are either too hard or too soft...it's Guatemala on a budget.
One of the highlights of Jacaranda is the outside garden area, where you can eat meals. Or swing lazily in hammocks. Or read. Or do Jane Fonda inspired exercise workouts, as Sarah and I do :)
This photo has NOTHING to do with Hotel Jacaranda, just thought I'd include the sunny, bright walls of Antigua. And my relaxed demeanor. The plant filled wagon carts appeared a couple of days ago on one of the main tourists streets. Hey, the sun is out! After three days of rain, I think we're getting some sun for el ultimo dia aqui (the last day here).

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