Thursday, July 8, 2010

From a Tinted Lens

Returning to the United States after three months abroad during the 4th of July weekend was an experience. The little bits of culture shock that were more evident this time around than ever before stood out to me like a broken finger (middle finger). Heading to the Outer Banks, which is such an acclaimed beach vacation destination left me in meditation on the beach as families bitched about someone not bringing the right things in the cooler. About the heat. About their sunburn. People drank booze, tugged at their beer bellies and swore about...well, about many things. Here are some of my observations:

-Americans tend to complain about just about everything.
-Americans tend to point fingers and blame, having an underlying anger.
-The air of entitlement lingers and swirls and settles like old dust infecting everything it touches.

Yes, I am American-Canadian and have spent most of my life in America. I have caught myself in that entitlement. I have caught myself complaining and blaming my poor upbringing, my government, my mother, the death of my father…and in the end, what good does that do? It just makes us all feel crappy about life. So, step one, is to be aware. My step two, is to change, so I’d like to devote this blog and many after to the bright side of life. The gifts we are given, the privileges we have, the rights we take for granted.    

This fourth of July as I tried to fit in, I found myself sitting over-looking the Sound in North Carolina. I was honored to be visiting my friends, (whom I consider family), and getting to know their new baby daughter, Quinn. I was, without question, welcomed into a strangers home for freshly caught grilled fish, salads galore and Modelo's in a can. Paradisio! 

The water was warm, the sunset tinged our evening with pinks and oranges and little Miss Quinn slept protected and cradled by her loving, devoted, new mom, Deanna. Happy 4th, and a formal welcome to Quinn into this crazy, beautiful world! Congrats Marc and Deanna!

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  1. That was fast! You take such beautiful photos and I love the one of Marc and Quinn. Thanks for battling the traffic to visit and I hope we see you again soon.