Friday, July 9, 2010

Enter Antigua

One of my favorite activities in Antigua was walking the streets and looking at the amazing colonial doors, windows and iron-work. I thought that everyone saw these finer details as beautiful gifts only seen in a place such as this, but upon walking through the city with some friends, I soon realized that I was slowing us down in a major way. Antigua, Guatemala is a UNESCO Heritage Site, as it was the former capital of Guatemala and the finer qualities brought about by colonialism still hold strong. I guess other people thought it was pretty spectacular too. 
The main door to the church off Plaza Central. 

Solid, wooden door. Antigueno (old), if you will. 

Crumbling wall near down town contrasting brightly painted building faces. 

Casa Blanca.

A faux wall resting against a real wall in ruins of an old monastery. 

My favorite door to date in Antigua-antique wood with hues of green.

Door knocker.

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