Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cold vs. Hot Brewed Coffee

What's the big D?

Cold press coffee is becoming the next trendy thing, at least in the Burlington area, where college students are impressionable, hipsters constantly need to be trendy, women wearing tights and yoga pants need to pay too much for anything, and well...I suppose many of us don't know what's really going on out there!

When a three friends in the same week asked if I had heard about, and tried cold pressed coffee, I knew the trend was hear in full force. And I needed to see what the big deal was. In my world, this doesn't mean going to every coffee shop and polling whether or not cold press in on their menu. It means doing some web searching and heading to my kitchen. 

This week I'm conducting taste test comparisons between cold and hot brewed coffee. I use the same coffee beans, same proportions, let the cold press brew on my counter for 18-24 hours. Stay tuned to find out my results. Cause really, what's the big D?

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