Saturday, June 14, 2014

House BlAnd - Cold Brew Test 2

Get it? House BlAnd, instead of House BlEnd?

Yes, my second cold brew test consisted of a medium roast, house-blend coffee. Same guidelines were followed for creating the cold and hot brew coffees.

Generally speaking, I'm a dark roast lover. I tend not to like acidic, fruity, bright notes in coffee. BUT, this test was a surprise. Expecting to love the medium roast cold brew lacking the acidic side turned out to be disappointing. Instead, the coffee went flat. The best way to explain it is in the hot brew, the flavor was multidimensional. It had a voluminous body with curves, and crevices to explore on the tongue.

Cold brew on the other hand was lack luster. The cold brew was two-dimensional. The acidity didn't get pull out of the beans, which left a straight, simple, tired flavor. Won't do it again with this house-blend.

The unexpected results have left me with no option except to keep testing! If you are doing tests of your own, I want to here about it! Want to test, but need some direction? Check out the link for cold brew at the top of the post, and check this link out for info on cupping. (No, I'm not cupping for these very serious tests, but the characteristics are a good guide when testing!)

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