Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Choco-Banana

It is actually Choco-Banano, as banana is a masculine word in Guatemala...and it is obvious why. It is a phenomenon that inundates every city and town in Guatemala.  
The best choco-banano's that we discovered were full-sized bananas which were taken from the freezer in the ice-cream store and dipped directly in the melted chocolate that sat on the counter in a crock-pot. The entire place oozed of the thick, intoxicating smell of chocolate. 

After the chocolate dip, they are immediately rolled around in peanuts. Delicious! Naughty!

The smaller, simpler versions were found in little tiendas (aka the front's of people's entry way that gets filled with as much as possible, such as one-use shampoo, chips, pencils, pork rinds, bags of beans, razors, ... and you guessed it, choco-bananos!) No nuts, less pure chocolate. Just as delicious!

This woman in traditional Chichicastenango clothing came upon us as we walked out of the market town of Chichi toward a nearby hike. We told her we loved Guatemala because of the choco-bananos. She smiled and agreed. Everybody loves the choco-banano! 

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