Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tea & Cookies Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a hip, colonial, modern town. From clubs, to VIP lounges, to espresso houses and wine bars, Antigua, Guatemala has it all. They even have a cookie restaurants! 
What else are you going to do when it's raining out and you have a hankering for a little something sweet? Pick out a couple of cookies, order a tea, and do some dipping. 

From chocolate-macadamia to  oatmeal monsters the cookie shop has over 25 types of cookies from which to choose. They even have almond-butter cookies in the shapes of half-moons...the ones we used to make every Christmas with our Nana.  

At the cookie shop you can watch the bakers at work, or even request a certain type of cookie.

Sarah and I practiced our Spanish by reading one of the local newspapers, sipping tea and dipping cookies. 

Sometimes I wish it would rain more often so I could use that excuse for sitting and relaxing in a cookies shop with a cup of tea. It was lovely, to say the least.

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  1. Lovely and delightful! I've been mysteriously craving oatmeal cookies today!