Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer at Stowe Pinnacle

It's important to visit the same trails and same peaks in multiple seasons. The last time I hiked Stowe Pinnacle was in the spring with snow covering everything. Snowshoes, layers, hats, gloves and sunglasses. 

Beautiful Jaime, her son Lucas and I made our way up this quick hike on a gorgeous, windy Sunday this summer. 
Everything was unrecognizable in comparison with the winter. 

It was a perfect summer day. We built up a good sweat, which made the snacks of cheese, blueberries and other Vermont summer nibbling's divine. 

But the truth: Lucas made the hike. He was nothing but smiles. People passed and started conversations with Jaime as Lucas engaged with his charming eyes and teeth of a smile. He was enjoying the ride as super-mom Jaime carried him up and down in her backpack carrier.

It was a perfect summer hike...a perfect summer day in Vermont.

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