Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Antigua, Guatemala

I made it. No problem. Took a $10 shuttle bus from Guatemala City to Antigua. Then walked around Antigua to get minutes on my cell (technically Diana´s cell) and buy huge quantities of water after getting a headache that was on the verge of a migraine. This seems to happen to me when I travel if I´m not overly careful with water intake. So, after a reminder from my beloved man friend Dave, I chugged a bunch, had an emergency and slept for 10 hours. I awoke at 6am ready to start the day!
The side street where Casa Cristina lives.
A couple of interesting tid bits:
* The co-pilot on my flight here looked and sounded exactly like the Govierno/drug mafia from the series Weeds.
* I have a terrible sense of direction, and unless I pay extremely close attention to exactly where I'm going, I get lost immediately. It's slightly troubling.
The front entrance to Casa Cristina.

* The Black Cat Hostel is a dirty backpacker hostel. There are a handful of other hostels for a dollar more that are clean, open, airy and friendly. I don't recommend staying here. Sorry Diana. I suppose if you are planning on trying to hook up for a night, smoke some pot, or get drunk and stumble to your soft, cramped bed, it might be a good option.
The front entrance of Casa Cristina. I took the photo from my bedroom door.

* Staying in my own room with my own bathroom the first night was a must. I was sleep deprived and and needed a quite, safe place to crash. Plus I got to watch some old Friends episodes, which I wouldn't normally do, but given the circumstances, it was just right!
My bedroom. Little, quaint, with a window into my shower and into the hall. Kind of strange, but it worked for me.

So, here are some more shots of Casa Cristina. I adore the little place with the super helpful owner, Rosario. She was kind of like a mother figure to me. Sweet lady! Perfect for my first day in Guatemala.
Is it a wooden bench or a piece of art or a leopard? All three!
A cool breeze wafted in as I sat at the hotel computer to let my loved ones know I made it safe and sound. This was the main room with three wooden benches and a table with free purified water, manzanita (chamomile) tea and coffee..instant, of course! They also had rolls in the morning.

Roof Top Terrace. Flowers, plants, an umbrella with chairs and a lounge chair...just in case I wanted to throw on my bathing suit and work on my tan!
After a reminder from Dave to get photos of myself and lots of arms length shots, I got a nice Canadian couple from BC to take a shot on the roof in the morning mist. I was showered, hydrated and ready to find an adapter for the computer plug!
Iglesia and Covento de Nuestra Senora de la Merced. This church/convent was around the corner from my hotel. It is said to be the most immaculate and decorated church in the city.

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