Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clean and Comfortable = Functionability

OK, this is a plug to how feeling comfortable in a place can make all the difference. Leaving Xela after one week with my host family came with an explosion of giddiness as I walked into our hostel in Panajachel. It was inexpensive, but beautiful, clean, had hot water, was dripping with flowers and I could sleep without the worry of what might be crawling around in my bed. When I find a good place to stay I want to tell the world about it! I felt as if I was on a dream vacation!!!!
I have already established the tourist hot spot that is Panajachel. We arrived and it was early...perhaps nine in the morning. Not that early, but early enough for most tourists to still be recovering from their previous night.
First stop: Our hostel. I don't remember the name. Perhaps something along the lines of Hospendejo Viejo. It was yellow with tons of colorful flowers AND SO CLEAN!
Then the rain started. First a sun rain. Then a gray, cold rain.
And inside was just as lovely. With cable T.V., plants, little cute decorations, towels, soap, a super clean, bright it obvious that my host family wasn't all that clean? And that people call Xela Dirty Xela for a reason. Is it obvious that I am not a big city person? If it's not, than just trust me when I say I'm not a big city person!
La tortuga is my friend! So cute. It's the little touches that make such a big difference.
Window metal work.
The gorgeous peach flower on the cactus above soaked up the mid-day rain.
A dripping-bigger-than-my-hand flower.
Little, fuzzy white flowers popping out of a large yellow flower base.
Our last stop before hopping on the boat was a tiny little cafe for a small breakfast and some coffee. It was nice to be in a place where people cared about making things look nice and clean. Maybe it's completely a cultural thing. But I don't think so...I'll keep thinking about this one. Cheers!

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