Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heading South

Somehow a 12.5 hour trip took over 16 hours. Burlington, VT to Cardinal, VA. After four cups of coffee and three large large bottles of water, I finally made it to Virginia. I don't have much to say about the trip. It was long. I'm glad I drank as much as I did and stayed hydrated because if I didn't, my butt would have been so numb and sore, I wouldn't have been able to step on the break.

Vermont: Every time I leave Vermont I realize how lucky I am to live there...because of the lake and mountains, and breakfast sandwiches and locally owned stores and farms.

New York: I'm always amazed at how gorgeous New York is. While I was driving a hawk flew across the road with a dangling, wiggling snake in it's claws. An omen of good luck. One photo I misses taking: a mobile home painted like a dairy cow. Honestly, I might have still been in VT. It was white with black patches and even pink udders painted on the back. Classic! Odd!

New Jersey: Got stuck in Princeton in lunch hour traffic. It was gorgeous and worth going slow and steady. 

Pennsylvania: Coffee #3. Iced. It could have been a Dunkin' Donuts anywhere. With a local diner anywhere too with a guy's first name. Could of been Adam's or Anthony's or Tony's or Jacks, or ... Small, uneventful, but the people were incredibly friendly and the sun was shining intensely down on me. 

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia: I was over it. Got stuck in traffic behind an accident, then in traffic around rush-hour traffic. 301 is strange. But, once I saw pieces of the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries, I remembered why I love this part of the world so much. 
Oh, and that it was April and Spring was in full force...cherry blossoms proudly shaking their petals in the wind in the D.C. area and south, along with green grass, fresh buds on trees and little tiny leaves. 
Just as I was losing my sh** for the third time, I turned the corner five minutes from my "childhood" home and a huge, yellow-orange moon hung on the horizon leading the way. The photo doesn't look like much, but the wind was slight, the air was fresh and the night was full of peace and stillness. Magic hung with the moon, talking to the water and everything in between.

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