Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day Less Ordinary

It was a Sunday like any other day. Woke up. Contemplated bouncing out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed. Decided to lounge and little and snuggle...because I can. So I did. Gym. Lunch. To Do list. More To Do list. Then off to Dave's (partner...the romantic kind, not the business kind) parents for a birthday dinner for his sister, Kate. Although a gray, blustery March day, we began our evening festivities with a quick hike up Mount Philo. The fresh air and whipping wind was a perfect reminder to get your a** outside even when you think it's too cold, too windy, too rainy, too this too that. Get outside. Nothing makes you feel quite so good.

"The Kids."
The Seavers.
The view.
Upon our return to the Seaver Homestead, the surprises began!
In Seaver tradition, hats came out, special birthday hats gone adorned, and the party could officially begin. Guatemala bound Miriam and Cow Girls Kate. 
Delicious wine swirled in shimmering glasses. 
And things got a little silly! 
Truth be told, we did have a little work to do. We helped the birthday girl get her last gourmet marshmallow packaged up and ready to send in the mail: 
With party poppers, blowers, and snazzy decoration, it was time to eat a tasty meal made by Chef Barbara (that would be Dave's and Kate's mom). Amazing! 
No birthday would be complete without a birthday song, sparkling candles, mouth watering cake, and special birthday gifts wrapped in colorful striped Spring paper.
We may both be 30 now, but we look like we're about 20! Ok, well Kate certainly does!
Happy Birthday Kate! 
Thanks for sharing your day with me! Thank you Seavers for spreading the love and sending me off with such warm, delightfully yummy memories!

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  1. You are too sweet, Miss Miriam! Last night wouldn't have been what it was without you. So happy to have shared the special night. xo, Kate