Monday, March 15, 2010

Sailing Paradise

We decided to venture down the 10 miles of the North/Northwest part of the island we hadn't explored. A woman at the car rental agency told us not to go on the dirt roads because you need four-wheel drive. We went anyways. You did NOT need four-wheel drive. You did, however need to know how to drive on bumpy, uneven, sandy terrain. 

When the asphalt turned to dirt and bare limestone, we instantly were driving through nowhere. It was HOT, scrub brush, and nothing else for miles. It gave us an idea of what the island looked like pre-development. It is not tropical island dripping with fruits. It is hot, dry and the only palms it has are small date palms along the coast. Otherwise there are a variety of gorgeous cacti...
We drove and drove until we went all the way to the end of  National Park, which eventually ended at the coast.
Hot, warm water and slight breeze. It is the one day we didn't pack water. Lesson learned.
After wandering around, cracking washed up coral below our feet, and wading out into the ocean, it was time to go. Besides a near head on collision (as the sand road in the park was only one lane), we headed back to the Y and took the other leg of it, which went either to a rocky bay, or the super duper expensive all-inclusive Amanyara Resort-$1550 to $1959 per night. Yes, per night. To th beach we went. Crashing waves, rocky shores mixed with golden sands. Cool breezes.

After exploring in the "outback" of Turks and Caicos, were were both slightly sunburned, dehydrated and ready to find some water to drink. The closest possibly. And that's when we came upon Sailing Paradise.
 Set among a group of small, brightly painted buildings along the turquoise ocean, we found our paradise...and the closest piece of local around.
With a sweet Dominican bartender and $1 bottles of water, and $3 bottles of Red Stripe, we had found our spot. Being the only tourists in the place felt like home. Spanish and Creole surrounded us and people walked by, ordered food, hung around...did what locals do on the weekend.
We went back the next day. And plan to go back on the way to the airport. They know us there. Already. The white people hanging in the local scene. It's more comfortable that way. It makes sense. We are traveling, after all.

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