Friday, March 12, 2010

Shady Business

There's lots of shady business done on Provo.
Evidence 1: Our second car rental from a place called  Scooter Bob's, which is run out of a bate and tackle shop called MasterBates. Funny! Kind of.

We have hit the more "local" the car has a back bumper that is clearly falling off, multiple burn marks on the upholstery and enough scratch marks on the body of the car to consider it modern art.
After a full hour and a half in the mid-day sun swimming and snorkeling at Taylor Bay, it was time for a break.
Shady business...of trees that is.
I though, am talking about a shady business that is far more innocent. The conscious act of taking a time out from the sun and finding some awesome spots of shade. Generally, I'd want to chat with other travelers, give them suggestions (our two and a half days along with a car and a need to see it all has given us some "expert" experience). Yes, the island is small. And my morning routine has been to go for a walk or run along the beach and sidewalks, stretch, shower or jump in the ocean, then return to the hotel to wake Dave so that we can make sure to get our free continental breakfast before 9:30am (when breakfast disappears).
This morning I needed to give my skin a break and wanted to continue my post-breakfast reading time. So, I ventured away from the pool and into the thickness of the jungle (super sarcastic here, as trees only exist where there is landscaping, as small scrub brush and cacti are the only native plants).

In actuality, I decided to see what the "Smoking Area" was all about. To my surprise, a little shaded sanctuary was waiting with walking palms, tropical flowers and, well yes, old cigarette's all part of the charm.
The "Smoking Area" shade sanctuary: one side of the path has a picnic table, the other has a small, wooden coffee table surrounded by two benches and two chairs. Lovely breezes really pleases! 
Needless to say, it's time to slap on my third application of 70 SPF waterproof/sweat proof sunblock and get ready for an afternoon swim in the ocean. 'Cause it's all about the beaches and the water. Here I go...

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