Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Sense Of It All

Traveling makes me learn like nothing I've ever experienced. These are some of the epiphanies and ignorant transformations I have made in the week on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. 
1. Having an island in the Caribbean does not mean that it is "tropical." I have to admit that I imagined stopping at roadside stands to buy local mangoes, papayas and bananas. The climate of Turks and Caicos cannot produce such fruit. Almost all of the food was imported...tons from the U.S. Even Cabot Cheddar! 
2. There seems to be two types of expats-one type that has chosen to live outside of their home country and is at peace with their life, which exudes onto others. Those seem to be rare. The other type is pretentious and exude superiority over other travelers. I don't get it, but have experienced it in every country in every part of the world where I have been. If you are or have been an expat, please shed some light...
3. Drinks make everything better. I'm not only talking about the alcoholic kind either! On Turks and Caicos all their water is purified through desalination. This is expensive. Very expensive. We are so fortunate to have clean drinking water that is affordable and plentiful. 
4. The beaches and blue-green waters were unbelievable. So very unreal. When our soul purpose was to be in and around the water, nothing else seemed to matter. Unfortunately our winter bodies (mine specifically) needed breaks. And the breaks opened our eyes to the whole of where we were.
5. In the midst of the dry, limestone island, there was always beauty lurking around the corner.
6. Beauty-from the blooming cacti, the complex mix of "locals" speaking Spanish, French, Creole, Caribbean slang, and English, to the timelessness frozen in the limestone.
7. David Seaver is an amazing photographer. I'm lucky to have him as a boyfriend, to learn things from him, and that he lets me use some of his photos on my blog. Check out his website: http://davidseaver.com/

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