Monday, March 22, 2010

Cafe Concoctions

Ok, truth is, I've thought about and talked about opening a little cafe with friends. I mostly like the coffee shop/bakery idea. But, there's been a coffee shop with greenhouse/nursery idea, a coffee shop with local book shop and book exchange idea (I suppose that would be the local version of Barnes and Nobles or Borders), and coffee shop with art studio idea.

Yes, the common theme is coffee (and tea). It brings people together, makes them sit and slow down in the rat race of the "American dream" (which is ironic since we pour more caffeine into our bodies to go faster and do more and produce more and stay up longer and work more hours ahhhhhhh!!!!!).

Needless to say, I love good coffee shops. Ones that lack character seem like a waste of momentum. A pity.

And, I continue to be a dreamer. I hope you do too.

Visit with me the Saltmills Cafe and Diner in Provo, Turks and Caicos. I adored the brightly colored walls, the bright cheery signs for Coffee and Dessert, and the mix of chic lighting and modern diner feel. The words that entered my mind went something like this: "If I were to open a coffee shop, I'd have these bright colors, cute signs and purple lights. But I would have better natural light pouring in, smaller, cozier seating areas, and outdoor seating with lots of plants and soft cushions, and candles for night, and ...
Note the coffee chalk board in the center-left of the photo above. Too bad there wasn't any special of the day. If I had a cafe, there would always be a special of the day...and a new concoction of the day. That's what I would use a chalk board like that for.
The metal chairs are too cold and angular for my coffee shop. I'd go with the dark wooden ones in the left of the photo above. Along with a nice, soft cushion to sit my booty on for an hour or two or three.
Do you have any ideas for a coffee shop or cafe? Or have a coffee shop in your neck of the woods that you think is perfect? Let me know why. My dream is still in forming and I'm always looking for new ideas and different "material."

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