Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stowe Pinnacle

On this unbelievably warm late winter/early spring day, we headed to Stowe Pinnacle to enjoy the sun, get our sweat on...and well, dodge dog poop for the first half mile. The mid-forties temperatures, blazing sun and intense blue skies, left me with my first ever winter sun-burn. 
It is an easy 3 mile round-trip hike from the Stowe Pinnacle parking area, or a mere 2 mile round-trip from the Stowe Meadows parking area. I highly suggest combing the outing with a visit to the Cabot Factory Annex store where there are plenty of free cheese samples and is the year round tasting "room" for Snow Farm Winery. And then there's the Blue Donkey. What a day! 
The trail. 
The Summit. Perfect for some snow action and a crisp blue sky as a dream backdrop. 
Kate and Lars.
Chow time at my now favorite eatery in Stowe-Blue Donkey...and the only place with an open patio on the first week of March. Might I also add that they have a huge stone fireplace just inside for warming hands or hind-sides, inside table eating, and a diner style counter where you can watch them cook your food. 
The best pulled pork I have ever had. And I am a picky pulled pork eater. It is served on a bed of hand cut fries and has coleslaw on the sandwich. Oh so juicy. Oh so tasty. Oh so very delicious! 

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