Monday, April 19, 2010

ICA Spanish School

My Spanish school. I.C.A. Unfortunately, I don't know what that stands for. It's on Avenida 19 technically in Zone 1, which is the safest, most downtown area. It's still a 10 walk to town. Note the perfectly shaped volcano in the background. We are surrounded by them!
It's the tallest building on the street, being four stories high.
The inside: There are tiny little classrooms with small tables and two chairs, as all the classes are one on one. I have chosen to change teachers this week, as getting different teaching styles helps challenge my own weaknesses.
The photo below is an extremely important area of the building: mugs, tea, coffee and on the other wall is an endless supply of purified water.
Below is our computer lab. Slow and old. That's how I'm feeling these days. It's good for a quick check of emails...which technically turns into a slow check of emails. None of the computers have a usb port either. Psyched to move into a place with wi-fi next week:)
Below is our library. Everything is on lock down, but once you put a deposit down and if you remember to ask the office to trade a book or borrow a Spanish grammar book, it's great. It's always a little dark, so unless it's sunny out, it's not the greatest place to hang. Good resource though!
The one thing I really like about the school is that it has a medical clinic in it, so there are always locals waiting inside to see the doctor. There is some mingling with the outside world. There are also artisans that come and make scarves, in the hopes that we will buy one. I chatted with a woman that was weaving a scarf last week and promised to buy one from her before I left Xela.
There are little accents of crafts and plants and flowers that make the place lovely to me. Today I learned that there is a roof terrace...who knew! Info takes awhile to learn around here. I'll check it out tomorrow after getting back from a visit to a local, very controversial and silver owned by a Canadian/US company. Pretty sad really, but interested in learning more.

So, after five hours of Spanish a day, homework and studying, along with my crappy living situation, I'm feeling exhausted. Might to to move on Thursday, but only if I get a refund. Ah, life in Xela!

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