Thursday, April 15, 2010

La Luna Cafe, Xela

Truth be told, I haven't had that much time to explore Xela, as classes are from 8am-1pm, then I return to my Guatefamilia for lunch, and then I have homework and to study. The language school that I'm in also offers an activity every afternoon. Most of which I would like to attend, but currently I'm feeling like I need to get on a local bus and get lost in order to check this place out a little more.
Little by little (poco a poco) I'm discovering new stores, getting the scoop from locals and reading guide books to help me find some "hip" places around town.
La Luna is a cafe with an assortment of coffee and tea drinks, as well as a long list of changing desserts daily and weekly and some light fare. It's owned locally and thus far, is my favorite place. It's very mellow, has funky antiques decorating the place in style and has multiple rooms to choose from.
It feels as if it was an old colonial house that was converted into a cafe. My teacher, Carlos, recommended it. A number of students did too.
So, off I went to make flashcards, study irregular verbs and hope that I retain even an inkling of it. Either way, I'm psyched to go back. As a matter of fact, I think I will invite Carlos this Friday to have class in La Luna.
The coffee is real. Not instant. This is huge! As I have eaten the same thing for breakfast and lunch for the last five days, I decided to treat myself to a piece of peach cake. Amazingly delicious. So rich in fact, that I gave the last third to a friend to finish. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of it, as the presentation was quite impressive too.
Their menus are made from old record albums that have been opened and tastefully and artistically decorated. Each one is different. How creative!
It is spotlessly clean, dust free and a favorite with locals as well. This is also huge when trying to learn Spanish!
Too bad the sewing machine doesn't work. I could use it to shorten my bad strap! I know I can find a little store around here to do that for 15 cents, so I'm not too bummed!
Doors, doors and more doors. This is a door on the inside of La Luna. I'm in love with the doors in Guatemala. They are large, wooden or metal, ornate, impressive, artistic...

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