Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 Orejas - My new pad

7 Orejas, which means seven ears is my new home for the next two weeks. It is a small hostel with colonial charm, bright colors, sun streaming through every window and accents of charm in every corner. It is about a 10 minute walk to town, so it doesn't see a lot of traffic. People that stay here are not looking for a late night party. And because it is small, I know everyone who works here, they know me by name and I get to speak Spanish often. Muy in, very calm and low-key. It's a nice change after Casa Jaguar.
This is my room. They don't have singles here...only a dorm with bunks upstairs and six triples. It is costing me $6.50 a day. Because it is low season and I have a "long term" stay, I got a good deal. Everything is negotiable. The two week price was better than the month price. Awesome!
After Casa Jaguar and living with a host family, a clean bathroom is a true treat. I don't mind sharing bathrooms, but when they are dirty and gross and ... ugghhh, no thanks! This is mine. All mine. How delightful. It included towels, shampoo, soap, and hot water!
Details, details. The wooden furniture throughout the place all have this carved flower design.
Right next to my room is the little dining/sitting room, which is perfect, as I like to work on the computer and study here.
The dining room is also where I "take" breakfast." Coffee...instant (which I have an appreciation for) or tea, bread, two hard boiled eggs, and a sweet roll. Butter and marmalade if you want it. Purified water too. Crucial.
Details, details!
The hall in immaculately clean and bright. The concrete holders between each door hold a lit candle each night...
At the end of the hall at the meeting of the stairs up and down, you can enjoy a little sitting nook with Spanish books to borrow.
On the top floor you'll find the dormitory room and the rooftop cafe/lounge terrace. It's also where the kitchen is. Although I have access to the kitchen, it is a little complicated because the fridge is locked (as it holds all the booze for the cafe) and I have to be done cooking/cleaned up by 5pm, as that's when the cafe/lounge opens to the public. That's the one downside of this place. Adjustments: an early dinner with a little snack afterwards. Probably healthier...

The truth of the matter is that I greatly enjoy trying different ways of living here. I plan to leave here the morning of the 22nd and stay one night in a hostel more downtown before taking off the following morning for San Marcos La Laguna...bidding Xela adios...or perhaps ciao!


  1. I also enjoy an affinity for instant coffee when traveling. However, I've not been able to duplicate such affinity when real coffee is available at home. I have moved three times in the past nine years and have moved a small jar of Nescafe with me. Occasionally I indulge in my living room, but it's not the same. Thankfully, it is great over ice cream. It's wierd though, I like to keep it around.

    I want to know how this goes for you when you return.

  2. looking so gorgeous there! hope you're feeling cozy and homey but we miss you here at 86 lyman!