Monday, May 31, 2010

After the Rain

Lodo = mud.
Lodo (mud) + three days of down pouring rain + mountain = landslide.
Landslide in San Pedro de Atitlan = ~150 homes lost, a 10 year old girl still missing after two days.
10 year old girl missing = day in and day out of digging, searching for a body. Searching for a closure. Searching for peace.
People that didn't lose their homes in the path of the landslide have houses filled with mud up to their wastes. No place to cook. No food to eat.
Everyone has stopped attempting to find things and are now solely looking for a child's body. A group began digging where a river of mud remains...hardening by the minute at least a meter thick.
Where their were once houses, gardens, trees and families, only a wasteland of mud, mud and more mud hardens with people's hearts as they rebuild homes, look for food, and hope for a body.
People's belongings float peacefully in the 1200 feet deep Lago Atitlan.

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