Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Springs Fuentes Georginas

This was on the list of "must do's" before leaving Xela. It is a group of hot springs near the top of one of the many Volcanoes in the area. The hot springs of Fuentes Georginas are popular among locals and travelers alike. From renting bungalows, to having picnics or sitting at the bar and restaurant, the hot springs can be enjoyed by everyone in a variety of ways.
It was, of course, extremely socked in with clouds, and at one point a huge thunderstorm enveloped us. There was no downpour, but it became dark, cold, gray and thunder shook the thickness. We may very well have been IN the thundercloud.
The hot springs consist of a large, main pool (above), which then flows into a smaller one below, which then cascades into a third pool one more tier lower. The main pool above is hot. Quite hot. As in, had to walk in slowly as my body ached from the shock of the heat. As you swim closer to the mountain the water gets hotter and hotter and hotter. I couldn't make it all the way to the base. It was too hot. But hey, it was a medicinal experience!
After a quick change in the stinky change rooms (as is completely standard and expected), I was ready for a relaxing afternoon soaking in the soothing water and breathing the mineral filled steam.
Look at those smiles! Pure bliss! My friend Sarah (a super cool chica from San Fran) and I. Yes, it's true, it would have been a different experience if the sun was out or if it was warm. But, I do have to say, the cool air and moisture made the experience, in a sense, more extreme. The in and out, in and out was necessary, but more intense as the rain collecting on the tile was cool to cold. The back and forth from hot to cold was quite enjoyable.
If you get hungry or thirsty or cold (i.e. they have hot drinks), or just want to sit and do emails while the vapors waft up from the springs beside you, all those options are possible. A little restaurant fully stocked with booze, snacks and traditional cuisine overlooks the main pool.
Sarah and I agreed that it had a touch of rustic summer camp or a wet ride (Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland) at a theme park. Either way, I enjoyed it!

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