Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Agatha in San Pedro de Atitlan

Here are a couple of shots from the last couple of days in San Pedro de Atitlan, Guatemala during the roar of Tropical Storm Agatha.
Things didn't start getting bad until yesterday when the pouring rain didn't slow down for about 36 hours. Things began to flood. The earth couldn't hold the heaviness and mud and rocks gave way to huge landslides.

Boats didn't run. Roads began to close and by 8pm a huge landslide left two children missing and 40 homes washed into the lake.
From morning to noon, the water double, then tripled in volume. It had nowhere to go...
The above photo was taken at 9am. The water was only about an inch or so. Running quickly. My room dripped from the roof and after asking to borrow a mop to dry up the puddle, the folks at hostel Jarachik decided to move me into a room with a smaller leak from the window. I just kept my handy-dandy travel towel by my bed and wiped my feet when I crawled into bed.
By noon, the water was running fast in the streets and had gained another couple of inches. San Pedro is cleaning and regrouping this morning, but compared to Xela, I think things were pretty calm by the lake. Check out photos of the city to see for yourself:

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