Monday, May 10, 2010

El Dia de la Madre - Mother's Day

Cakes, flowers, and ice-cream, oh my! Today, Monday, May 10th is El Dia de La Madre, or Mother's Day in Guatemala. And if you have to run to the store to buy a sought after yogurt, expect to stand in long lines with mother's and mother's mother's buying sweets. Cookies, cakes, candies, ice-creams...the sweet tooth is very much alive here. So is diabetes!
It is also one of the largest cemetery days, when families visit the tombs of grandmothers, ancestors, and mothers. They bring fresh flowers, which they can easily buy right outside the church in rows and rows of vendors with all colors of the rainbow, including various greens to accent the bouquets.
As my mother is very far, I decided to send her a bouquet via my blog! The flowers went directly to Silvia, the woman who works Monday-Friday at 7 Orejas (where I live), and has been my main contact. She is a mother of a four year old son. She is delightful!
To all the mothers out there:

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