Sunday, May 16, 2010

Champerico - South Playa

Down a long, hot, bumpy road, we finally arrived to Champerico, the closest beach to Xela. Little, dirty, plastic any other developing county...warm water and black sands.
Ah!!! It's a shark. Or a man trying to sell a blow up shark to vacationers on the beach. I don't remember much from this was the second day of parasite life and I was laying low. We were the only gringos and the prices tripled or quadrupled for us. This is not the case in all parts of Guatemala. So, we bought nothing.
Black sands from surrounding volcanoes.

Fishing, throwing trash and drinking are the main activities on the dock. The rip current is especially strong and a slew of deaths have occurred, mostly with locals, as their ability to swim is usually non-existent. Although the beach had a life-guard tower and four life-guards in it, one was sleeping, two where talking and not watching the water, and one was occasionally watching the water when he wasn't talking to friends down below.
I spend most of the day in the shade sipping a sprite and watching the Gallo beer signs flap in the wind as the community children swam in a small pool at the pack of this restaurant...where the water was cool, calm and shallow.

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